Shirley Bingham

Played by Ruth Madeley

"I've read the files. I'm going to get a bonus just for meeting you."

First Regular Appearance Last Regular Appearance
The Star Beast The Giggle

UNIT Scientific Advisor number 56 – Shirley Anne Bingham shows she’s more than a match to step into the Doctor’s shoes! Joining a long line of scientists working with UNIT, such as Liz Shaw, Osgood and many more, Shirley encountered the Fourteenth Doctor at the crash site of the Meep’s shuttle, and proved she was more than enough to hold her own against the former Scientific Advisor!

She first met a Doctor with a very familiar face in a factory with a crashed spaceship, and soon after was on the adventure of a lifetime. Shirley avoided the Meep’s mind control and held fort against her former colleagues. When the Doctor and the Nobles were captured by the Meep... enter Shirley! Disabling the UNIT operatives and providing the Doctor with a path to stop the Meep, Shirley has proven herself an invaluable asset to UNIT. She was also on hand to guide humanity when the Toymaker struck with his hypnotic Giggle, and saw the Doctor’s first bi-generation, and splitting of the TARDIS.

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