Fifteenth Doctor

Played by Ncuti Gatwa

"Name - the Doctor. Occupation - not a doctor. Current status - just passing by. Employer - myself. Address - that blue box over there."

First Regular Appearance Last Regular Appearance
The Church on Ruby Road -

Charismatic and suave , the fashion-forward Fifteenth Doctor is one of the Time Lord’s most empathetic and compassionate incarnations. With an unrelenting need to fix problems, help those in danger and show everyone he meets the best version of themselves, this Doctor’s sense for adventure and love of the universe propels him throughout time and space.

The Fourteenth Doctor’s new adventures with Donna were cut tragically short when he took a galvanic beam to the chest, courtesy of his old enemy the Toymaker. But something felt different about this regeneration – and to the surprise of everyone, a completely new Doctor sprang forth from the body of the last, in a mythical bi-generation! Together the two Doctors beat the Toymaker in the universe’s most tense game of catch, banishing him to his own domain.

After some reflection on their endless and battle-ridden life, the Doctors parted ways; the previous incarnation choosing to stay on Earth with the Nobles – and the new Doctor, full of life and free of the emotional burdens of the past, setting out on all-new adventures.

The arrival of baby-eating Goblins on Earth introduces the Doctor to a whole new science, centred around luck and coincidence – as well as a brand new friend in Ruby Sunday, a teenage foundling on the search for her birth mother. As he and Ruby set out on their journey together across time and space, this new Doctor must prepare to solve mysteries, save worlds, and face a host of otherworldly phenomena – the likes of which he has never encountered before...

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