Ruby Sunday

Played by Millie Gibson

"I can't believe this. I can't believe a single thing that's happening, and... it's my birthday. "

First Regular Appearance Last Regular Appearance
The Church on Ruby Road -

On Christmas Eve in 2004, a newborn baby girl was left on the steps of a church. 19 years later, the foundling Ruby Sunday continues her search for her birth mother, supported by her adoptive family Carla and Cherry. A spate of bad luck for Ruby culminates in a bizarre encounter with Goblins – and a run-in with an eccentric yet dazzling figure calling himself the Doctor.

After they rescue baby Lulubelle, Ruby is almost erased from reality when the Goblins bimble back in time to the church on Ruby Road and take her as a baby. The devastating effects of her absence from time are thankfully short-lived, after the Doctor pursues the Goblins to the past and saves baby Ruby in the nick of time! Enchanted by the idea of time travel, Ruby seeks out the Doctor and joins him in the TARDIS.

Kind, curious and playful, Ruby approaches the world with love and unfaltering optimism. She even has a positive influence on her mother Carla, whose experience with Ruby inspires her to foster over thirty more children. As a keyboardist in a band with her friends, Ruby’s flare for music comes in handy when she has to distract the Goblin King with a song on the fly. But through it all, the mystery of her true origin weighs on Ruby’s mind; and she struggles to find her purpose in life without first solving the unanswered questions of her birth mother’s identity, and that fateful night on Ruby Road. Could a time machine provide the answers she seeks?...

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