Here you’ll find answers to some of the most popular Doctor Who questions…

How do I get signed photos or autographs from the cast?

All requests for autographs and signed photos should be made via the actor’s agent.

Can you pass on fan mail to the cast or provide their details?

We cannot provide any direct contact information for cast; all fan mail should be sent via an actor’s agent.

How can I apply to work on Doctor Who?

The Contact Hub provides information on job vacancies available at the BBC. We do not deal with direct requests for Doctor Who, you will have to apply through the BBC Careers Hub if there is a vacancy available.

Are fans allowed to create Doctor Who fiction, artwork, videos and performances?

The BBC welcomes and encourages people to use Doctor Who as inspiration for their own original creative works and loves that the brand has so many engaged and passionate fans.

The BBC has no objection to fans creating and publishing their own Doctor Who inspired fiction, artwork, videos, performances or other content, but requests that these:

  • Take inspiration from Doctor Who, but do not copy a substantial part of the Doctor Who TV programmes or other official Doctor Who content such as scripts, books, magazines, artwork or photography.
  • Avoid use of the official Doctor Who or BBC logos.
  • Are not presented in a way as to suggest or confuse viewers into believing that the fan creations are ‘official’ Doctor Who content, or are endorsed by or associated with the BBC, and – where possible – add a clear and visible disclaimer stating that the content is fan-made and un-official, and are the work of an individual or individuals and not an organisation or company.

Why are these restrictions in place?

The BBC have put these measures in place to ensure that Doctor Who’s image, storylines and values are protected so that audiences can enjoy a consistent experience of the brand and its universe and protects the works of the many different creatives who have worked on the show.

In addition, the making of Doctor Who is funded with support from BBC Studios, who invests a percentage of the revenue it makes from commercial opportunities back into the BBC. Consequently, individuals that seek to make money from the brand without permission put at risk the commercial opportunities open to BBC Studios and, ultimately, the future investment into Doctor Who.

Where can I send my comments about Doctor Who?

Any comments or complaints about the BBC should be submitted via the BBC Complaints website

You can contact BBC Studios here