The Toymaker

Played by Michael Gough and Neil Patrick Harris

"Do you think a grand total of two can cause me to shiver when I've played against the Guardians of Time and Space and shrank them into voodoo dolls? Name your challenge, Doctor."

First Regular Appearance Last Regular Appearance
The Celestial Toymaker The Giggle

An immortal being with the ability to create entire universes, the Toymaker can trap his victims and bend them to his every whim, using them as tools for his entertainment. He has the power to manipulate everything within his world and appear and disappear whenever he chooses. With the sheer power that the Toymaker holds, he might just be the biggest threat the Doctor has ever come up against.

In their first encounter, the First Doctor, Dodo and Steven find themselves trapped in the Toymaker’s realm; playthings for his amusement. It’s revealed that he and the Doctor had met once before – and this time, he intended to keep the Doctor there forever. Companions Stevens and Dodo were put through a series of mental and physical challenges and the Doctor was forced to play the Trilogic game: 10 triangular playing counters, stacked in a pyramid, that needed to be moved from corner A to corner C. Only one piece could be moved at a time, they needed to be rearranged in the same order – and in exactly 1,023 moves.

The trio finally made it back to the TARDIS after defeating the Toymaker with great heart and wit. However, the Toymaker, not one to do things fair and square, compelled the Doctor to make his final move. To avoid being trapped in the Toymaker's lair, the Doctor mimicked the Toymaker's voice, trapping him there.

Cut to many regenerations later, the Fourteenth Doctor encounters the Toymaker once more after his meeting with the No-things. The Toymaker takes his long-delayed revenge on the Time Lord and their favourite species, unleashing a hypnotic Giggle on the human race. The Doctor challenges the Toymaker again, and loses, and in their final game, the Toymaker shoots the Fourteenth Doctor with a galvanic beam. After a surprise mythical bi-generation, the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Doctors together defeat the Toymaker in one final game, the oldest game, of catch, and they banish him forever. But his minions are coming...

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