Rose Noble

Played by Yasmin Finney

"We've got all that power, but there is a way to get rid of it. Something a male-presenting Time Lord will never understand."

First Regular Appearance Last Regular Appearance
The Star Beast -

Daughter of Donna Noble and Shaun Temple, Rose had grown up without the knowledge of monsters and aliens... not until the Doctor came crashing into her life!

Shortly after meeting the Fourteenth Doctor (before she knew he was an alien) a spaceship crash-landed into London, and Rose discovered the Meep, a cute furry alien, near her home. After hiding the Meep in her shed, and the Doctor tracing the Meep back to the Nobles’ home, what began next was a mad cap chase in the attics of London to evade the Wrath Warriors and UNIT (some possessed, others keeping the peace!). The Doctor and his new sonic screwdriver were able to smuggle them to safety, only for the Meep to betray Rose and her family, and prepare to destroy the human race. The Doctor and Donna were able to save the day, and were almost killed by mind-corrupted UNIT soldiers... until Rose saved the day using incredible Time Lord-esque knowledge!

Turns out, Rose had carried a genetic heritage from her mother, part of Donna’s Metacrisis that saved the universe so many years ago. When Donna remembered the Doctor, the TARDIS, all her adventures... her daughter acquired the knowledge passed down to her, hidden just below the surface. She saved Donna and the Doctor, and helped defeat the Meep.

Where next for Rose? She’ll definitely meet the Fifteenth Doctor, but time will tell...

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