60th Anniversary Specials | EP 1

The Star Beast

Written by Russell T Davies. From a story by Pat Mills and Dave Gibbons

“I don’t believe in destiny, but if destiny exists, then it is heading for Donna Noble”

Episode Title Premiere Date
The Star Beast 25/11/2023

The Doctor is caught in a fight to the death as a spaceship crash-lands on London. But as the battle wreaks havoc, destiny is converging on the Doctor’s old friend, Donna.

Character Cast
The Doctor David Tennant
Donna Noble Catherine Tate
Voice of the Meep Miriam Margolyes
Rose Noble Yasmin Finney
Shaun Temple Karl Collins
BBC Reporter Matt Green
Colonel Chan Jamie Cho
Shirley Bingham Ruth Madeley
Jacqueline King Sylvia Noble


Role Crew
Writer Russell T Davies
Director Rachel Talalay
Producer Vicki Delow
Executive Producer Jane Tranter
Executive Producer Julie Gardner
Executive Producer Joel Collins
Executive Producer Phil Collinson
Executive Producer Russell T Davies
The Star Beast

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