The Meep

Voiced by Miriam Margoyles

"My chosen pronoun is the definite article. I am always The Meep."

First Regular Appearance
The Star Beast

The cutest creature in the entire galaxy, with a secret to hide... the Meep crash-landed near the Nobles’ house, and was discovered by Rose Noble, who hid the Meep in her shed. When uncovered by Donna Noble, and the Fourteenth Doctor appearing, what began next was a mad-cap chase in the attics of the Nobles' street to evade the Wrath Warriors and UNIT (some possessed, others keeping the peace!). The Doctor helped all evade capture, only to discover the Meep’s true identity.

Whilst on impromptu trial, the truth was revealed...

“The story of The Meep is a tragic tale. Their planet basked in the light of a living sun, until one terrible day, the sun went mad. A psychedelic sun. Its radiation mutated all of Meepkind into cruel beasts who live for conquest. The Meep Army captured the Galactic Council, beheaded them and ate them. The Wrarth Warriors were summoned, and we fought across the stars a long and awful battle. Meepkind died rather than surrender, and now only this one survives. Their leader, the most cruel and despicable of all.”

The Meep then betrayed the Doctor and Nobles, and prepared to destroy London with a Dagger Drive to escape and charge the Meep’s spaceship. Only the Doctor, and the DoctorDonna (Donna undergoing a Time Lord-Human Metacrisis) could stop the Meep! Luckily, due to the Metacrisis being passed down to Rose Noble, the Meep was defeated, Donna survived, and Earth was saved.

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