Series 04 | EP 5

The Poison Sky

Written by Helen Raynor

"We must revert to Basic Sontaran Stratagem One. We will ravage this planet. Prepare weapons. Wipe them out. Every last stinking human beast."

Episode Title Premiere Date
The Poison Sky  03/05/2008

The Sontarans activate their masterplan and begin to choke the whole of planet Earth. UNIT is left defenceless, with a traitor in their ranks. And as interplanetary war edges closer, the Doctor has to fight to keep both Martha and Donna alive — but will he have to make the ultimate sacrifice?

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: David Tennant

Donna Noble: Catherine Tate

Martha Jones: Freema Agyeman

Wilfred Mott: Bernard Cribbins

Sylvia Noble: Jacqueline King

Luke Rattigan: Ryan Sampson

Colonel Mace: Rupert Holliday-Evans

General Staal: Christopher Ryan

Producer: Susie Liggat

Director: Douglas Mackinnon

Commander Skorr: Dan Starkey

Ross Jenkins: Christian Cooke


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