Mel Bush

Played by Bonnie Langford

"I don't need anyone to speak up for me; I'm quite capable of defending myself!"

First Regular Appearance Last Regular Appearance
Terror of the Vervoids Dragonfire

Snatched out of the Doctor’s future and deposited as a witness into his trial, Mel’s travels in the TARDIS didn’t run smoothly or even chronologically! A computer programmer, with a cheery disposition, Mel faced the Vervoids and the Valeyard alongside the Sixth Doctor – while trying desperately to get him to lose weight. When the Rani attacked the TARDIS, prompting the Doctor’s sixth regeneration, she assumed Mel’s identity to bamboozle the confused new Doctor. After the Rani’s defeat, Mel fought the cannibal old ladies of Paradise Towers and the deadly Bannermen, hell bent on destroying the beautiful Chimeron Queen Delta. After helping the Doctor and Ace find the Dragonfire treasure, she opted to remain on Iceworld and help reform the mercenary Glitz.

Flash-forward, Mel stayed with Glitz until he lived to 101, then grabbed a lift off a zingo and returned to Earth in the 21st century. Finding herself without purpose, she ended up meeting Kate Lethbridge-Stewart at a meeting of several companions at the time of the Thirteenth Doctor’s regeneration. She quickly joined UNIT where her computer skills, adventures with the Doctor and melodic pattern-spotting proved invaluable.

With the Fourteenth Doctor she faced off against the Toymaker’s nefarious scheme using the Giggle embedded into all television screens, and was a first-hand witness to the Doctor’s bi-generation into the Fourteenth AND Fifteenth Doctors!

When not working in UNIT, she can often be popping over for lunch with the Nobles and a kind of Time Lord-y uncle. Mad Auntie Mel!

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