The Valeyard

Played by Michael Jayston

"Only by ridding myself of you and your misplaced morality, your constant crusading... Only by releasing myself from the misguided maxims that you nurture can I be free!"


First Regular Appearance Last Regular Appearance
The Mysterious Planet The Ultimate Foe


Prosecutor at the Sixth Doctor's trial, the Valeyard attempted to find the Doctor guilty of interference and genocide, a verdict that would result in the death penalty. He presented damning testimony from the Doctor's affairs on Ravalox, blamed him for Peri's apparent death on Thoros Beta and the genocide of the Vervoid race. As the trial culminated, the Master revealed that the Valeyard was in fact an incarnation of the Doctor himself - an amalgamation of all the Doctor's potential darkness, from a point in the his future. After a pitched battle with the Doctor in the dreamscape of the Gallifreyan Matrix, the Valeyard died when the weapon he intended to turn on the Time Lords overloaded. However, as the Doctor departed with all charges against him dropped, it was clear that the Valeyard had survived...


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