Season 23 (The Trial of a Timelord) | EP 1

The Mysterious Planet

Written by Robert Holmes

"Planets come and go. Stars perish. Matter disperses, coalesces, reforms into other patterns, other worlds. Nothing can be eternal"

Episode Title Premiere Date
Episode 1 06/09/1986
Episode 2 13/09/1986
Episode 3 20/09/1986
Episode 4 27/09/1986

The Doctor is on trial for his life. Plucked out of time and space by the Time Lords, he is charged with transgressing the First Law of Time. He must defend himself against the prosecution led by the sinister Valeyard...

The trial begins as the Time Lords review an adventure from the Doctor's recent past. The setting is Ravolox, where the Doctor and Peri find themselves caught in the conflict between a warrior tribe, a pair of intergalactic con-men and a god-like robot. But deep below the surface of the mysterious planet lie secrets that threaten the very fabric of the universe. And to protect them, drastic measures have been taken that will shock the Doctor to his very core...

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: Colin Baker

Peri Brown: Nicola Bryant

The Valeyard: Michael Jayston

The Inquisitor: Lynda Bellingham

Katryca: Joan Sims

Glitz: Tony Selby

Dibber: Glen Murphy

Merdeen: Tom Chadbon

Drathro (voice): Roger Brierley

Producer: John Nathan-Turner

Director: Nicholas Mallett

Scriptwriter: Robert Holmes

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