Played by Gabriel Woolf

"Your evil is my good. I am Sutekh the Destroyer. Where I tread I leave nothing but dust and darkness. I find that good"

First Regular Appearance
Pyramids of Mars

His brother Horus and seven hundred Osiran warriors pursued him to Earth. They refused to kill him as they believed it would make them no better than him. Instead, they imprisoned the renegade in a Saqqaran pyramid in Egypt, alive but entombed. They suppressed his deadly powers using a signal beamed from the Eye of Horus, situated on Mars. When archaeologist Professor Marcus Scarman excavated the tomb in 1911, he sealed his own fate.An incredibly powerful and dangerous being, Sutekh came from an ancient and now-extinct alien race, the Osirans. According to the Doctor, he destroyed his home planet, Phaester Osiris, and left a trail of devastation across the galaxy. He’s not called Sutekh the Destroyer for nothing!

At the same time, Sarah Jane Smith witnessed an apparition of a Typhonian animal in the console room and the TARDIS dramatically altered its destination. Needing to destroy the Eye of Horus to gain his freedom, Sutekh used telekinesis to control the Professor’s corpse, along with mummy-like Osiran service robots, to build a missile.

When the Doctor and Sarah destroyed the explosive, a furious Sutekh used mind control to force the Time Lord to transport Scarman to Mars and destroy the Eye directly. The Doctor finally triumphed by trapping Sutekh in a time corridor for 7000 years – ageing the evil Osiran to death.

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