The Beast

"He has woven himself in the fabric of your life since the dawn of time. Some may call him Abaddon. Some may call him Krop Tor. Some may call him Satan. Or Lucifer. But do not despair. The Deathless Prince. The Bringer of Night. These are the words that shall set you free"

First Regular Appearance Last Regular Appearance
The Impossible Planet The Satan Pit

Through the possessed body of crew member, Toby Zed, on the planet Krop Tor, the Beast claims to be “the Rage, and the Bile, and the Ferocity! I am the Prince, and the Fool, and the Agony! I am the Sin, and the Fire, and the Darkness!”Horns of a ram, corpse-like face, devil-red body…who could it be?

Regardless of identity, before the universe was created, an advanced civilisation, the Disciples of Light, battled with the Beast and chained it in a pit at the heart of Krop Tor. Should it ever escape, the black-hole orbit would suck both the planet and the Beast into nonexistence.

And indeed, the Beast is defeated when the Doctor is forced to plunge the planet towards the black hole and Rose jettisons the possessed man from a rocket to his doom, whilst saving its other occupants. Even in death, the demonic beast vows “Nothing shall ever destroy me”.

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