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Mel Bush

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Bonnie Langford | 1986 – 1987

Snatched out of the Doctor’s future and deposited as a witness into his trial, Mel’s travels in the TARDIS didn’t run smoothly or chronologically! A computer programmer, with a cheery disposition, Mel faced the Vervoids and the Valeyard alongside the Sixth Doctor – while trying desperately to get him to lose weight. When the Rani attacked the TARDIS, prompting the Doctor’s sixth regeneration, she assumed Mel’s identity to bamboozle the confused new Doctor. After the Rani’s defeat, Mel fought the cannibal old ladies of Paradise Towers and the deadly Bannermen, hell bent on destroying the beautiful Chimeron Queen Delta. After helping the Doctor and Ace find the Dragonfire treasure, she opted to remain on Iceworld and help reform the mercenary Glitz.

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