Series 12 | EP 10

The Timeless Children

Written by Chris Chibnall

Set course for Gallifrey.

Episode Title Premiere Date
The Timeless Children 01/03/2020

In the epic and emotional series finale, the Cybermen are on the march. As the last remaining humans are ruthlessly hunted down, Graham, Ryan and Yaz face a terrifying fight to survive. Civilisations fall. Others rise anew. Lies are exposed. Truths are revealed. Battles are fought. And for the Doctor — trapped and alone — nothing will ever be the same again.

Character Cast
The Doctor Jodie Whittaker
Graham O'Brien Bradley Walsh
Ryan Sinclair Tosin Cole
Yasmin Khan Mandip Gill
The Master Sacha Dhawan
Ashad Patrick O'Kane
Ko Sharmus Ian McElhinney
Ravio Julie Graham
Yediarmi Alex Austin
Ethan Matt Carver
Bescot Rhiannon Clements
Tecteun Seylan Baxter
Solpado Kirsty Besterman
Judoon Captain Paul Kasey
Voice of Cybermen and Judoon Captain Nicholas Briggs
Cybermen Matthew Rohman
  Simon Carew
  Jon Davey
  Richard Highgate
  Richard Price
  Mickey Lewis
  Matthew Doman
  Paul Bailey
The Fugitive Doctor Jo Martin


Role Crew
Writer Chris Chibnall
Director Jamie Magnus Stone
Series Producer Nikki Wilson
Executive Producer Matt Strevens
Executive Producer Chris Chibnall

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