Fugitive Doctor

Played by Jo Martin

"No time to be tired. Still work to do out there. Lives at stake. Armies being born. People need the Doctor."

First Regular Appearance Last Regular Appearance
Fugitive of the Judoon Once, Upon Time

Slowly the Doctor became aware of a secret part of her personal history, one hidden so perfectly that she had never even suspected it existed. The Fugitive Doctor worked for the Division, eventually fleeing their control and hiding herself and her TARDIS away. Finally, a squadron of Judoon had tracked her down, bringing Doctor into contact with Doctor. The Thirteenth Doctor is still piecing together all that happened in her past, but a fresh contact on the planet Time showed further glimpses of the Fugitive Doctor at work.Living a happy domestic life on Earth, Ruth Clayton was one day shocked to discover that actually she was a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey living under a false identity to hide from extraterrestrial pursuit. But possibly not as shocked as the Thirteenth Doctor: for Ruth was actually another incarnation of her!

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