Series 12 | EP 5

Fugitive of the Judoon

Written by Vinay Patel and Chris Chibnall


Episode Title Premiere Date
Fugitive of the Judoon  26/01/2021

Ko Sho Blo! Trigger-happy space police the Judoonare targeting 21st century Gloucester.The Doctor, Yaz, Ryan and Graham race back to Earth in order to prevent them doing too much damage to the cathedral city. But who are they looking for? And what did they do to incur the wrath of the Judoon?


Character Cast
The Doctor Jodie Whittaker
Graham O'Brien Bradley Walsh
Ryan Sinclair Tosin Cole
Yasmin Khan Mandip Gill
Ruth Clayton / The Fugitive Doctor Jo Martin
Captain Jack Harkness John Barrowman
Lee Clayton Neil Stuke
Gat Ritu Arya
Judoon Captain Pol-Kon-Don Paul Kasey
All Ears Allan Michael Begley
Marcia Judith Street
Tourist Katie Luckins
Voice of Judoon Captain Nicholas Briggs
Judoon Simon Carew
  Richard Highgate
  Richard Price
  Matthew Rohman


Role Crew
Writer Vinay Patel
Writer Chris Chibnall
Director Nida Manzoor
Series Producer Nikki Wilson
Executive Producer Matt Strevens
Executive Producer Chris Chibnall


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