Graham O’Brien

Played by Bradley Walsh

"You see, Doc, the thing about grief is it needs time. I don't want to sit around my house waiting for it to go away, cos that house is full of Grace and it makes it so much harder. But being with you and seeing all these things out there, it really helps."

First Appearance Last Appearance
The Woman Who Fell to Earth Revolution of the Daleks

A funny, charming, cheeky chap from Essex, Graham was a family man and an ex-bus driver. His sharp sense of humour and warm nature made him great fun to be around – though when he lost the love of his life, his wife Grace, he found carrying on with life very difficult. 
Luckily, the Doctor was able to provide a distraction for both Graham and his step-grandson, Ryan. After crash-landing into a Sheffield train one rainy night, the Doctor swept Graham into space and aboard the TARDIS, taking him to see alien wonders and travelling back into Earth’s history. Amongst others, Graham met Rosa Parks, King James I, Nikola Tesla and Mary Shelley, and visited the planets Desolation, Tsuranga, Kandoka and Ranskoor Av Kolos. 
After a particularly high-octane run in with the Daleks in 2021, Graham decided it was time to spend some time at home again. Only now, as well as Ryan’s company and the memory of his late wife, Graham also had the memories of his amazing adventures with the Doctor to keep him company. 

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