Ryan Sinclair

Played by Tosin Cole

"I don't know if you heard about me, but I'm Ryan Sinclair. Me and me mates, we saw off everything from giant spiders to a conscious universe. We fought Cybermen, Skithra, Morax, the mighty Pting. It's going to take more than a bike to scare me off"

First Regular Appearance Last Regular Appearance
The Woman Who Fell to Earth Revolution of the Daleks

Born and bred in Sheffield, Ryan was working in a warehouse and studying to become a mechanic when the Doctor burst into his life. He had been raised by his nan, Grace, and was closer to her than anyone in the world. When she passed away, Ryan was still getting used to her relatively new husband, Graham, and was reluctant to call him ‘Grandad’.

A little bit shy and lacking in confidence – partly due to having dyspraxia and sometimes struggling with physical co-ordination – Ryan was not initially sure about travelling with the Doctor. However, his curious and open-minded nature soon saw him making new friends and embracing the unknown. He even managed to start healing his difficult relationship with his father while battling a murderous Dalek squid!

Ryan eventually found that he quite missed life on Earth – particularly his best friend, Tibo. Having faced the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Master, the Judoon, the Dregs, the Morax, the Pting and Tzim-Sha – just to name a few! – Ryan finally waved goodbye to TARDIS life in 2021. But with the Doctor's parting gift of some psychic paper, and everything their time with the Doctor taught them, who's to say if their adventures have ended? 

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