Yasmin Khan

Played by Mandip Gill

"I want more. More of the universe. More time with you. You're like the best person I've ever met"

First Regular Appearance Last Regular Appearance
The Woman Who Fell to Earth  Present


A probationary police officer from Sheffield, Yasmin Khan – usually known as Yaz – first met the Thirteenth Doctor when she crash-landed to Earth and into a train carriage. After working with Ryan and Graham to stop the deadly Stenza warrior Tzim-Sha, the Doctor and Yaz soon became the best of friends and travelling companions. 

Yaz’s quick logical thinking and natural leadership skills made her the perfect person to have around in a crisis. Her desire for epic adventures and big challenges meant she thrived aboard the TARDIS, complimenting the Doctor’s frantic nature with a great ability to stay calm under pressure. 

Things have recently become rather sticky, though, as the Doctor began to keep secrets from Yaz about the Flux and the true nature of her past. With a glimmer of romance in the air and the threat of regeneration looming, can the Doctor and Yaz overcome their differences before it’s too late…?

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