Jo Grant

Played by Katy Manning

"But, Doctor, don't you understand? I've got to go! This Professor Jones, he's fighting for everything that's important, everything that you've fought for. In a funny way, he reminds me of a sort of younger you"

First Regular Appearance Last Regular Appearance
Terror of the Autons The Green Death

Despite failing her science exams, Jo was hired by UNIT as the Doctor's new lab assistant. What she may have lacked in scientific knowledge, she made up for in bravery and heart. She faced the Master numerous times, eventually confounding his attempts to hypnotise her. She was proposed to by the King of Peladon and went to find help on Spiridon when the Doctor had been shot. She left the TARDIS to marry Clifford Jones and became an environmental activist. When the Shansheeth fabricated the Eleventh Doctor's death, she attended his “funeral”, teamed up with Sarah Jane Smith and helped free the Doctor. She was last seen heading off to catch a hovercraft to Norway.

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