Season 09 | EP 4

The Mutants

Written by Bob Baker and Dave Martin

"A life cycle unique in the history of the universe. And now, thanks to the Marshal, threatened with extinction"

Episode Title Premiere Date
Episode 1 08/04/1972
Episode 2 15/04/1972
Episode 3 22/04/1972
Episode 4 29/04/1972
Episode 5 06/05/1972
Episode 6 13/05/1972

When a strange message pod turns up at UNIT HQ, the Doctor and his assistant Jo are suddenly involved in another dangerous mission for the Time Lords. The TARDIS takes them to Skybase One above the inhospitable Solos. It is the 30th Century and the planet is about to gain independence from Earth's glorious empire. But someone on Solos has other plans and, alarmingly, the natives are slowly mutating into fierce-looking creatures. It's time for the Doctor and Jo to find out why.

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: Jon Pertwee

Jo Grant: Katy Manning

The Marshal: Paul Whitsun-Jones

Ky: Garrick Hagon

Administrator: Geoffrey Palmer

Jaeger: George Pravda

Sondergaard: John Hollis

Stubbs: Christopher Coll

Cotton: Rick James

Producer: Barry Letts

Director: Christopher Barry

Scriptwriters: Bob Baker and Dave Martin

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