Season 10 | EP 2

Carnival of Monsters

Written by Robert Holmes

"Livestock? Let me tell you, sir, that the people inside that ship are human beings!"

Episode Title Premiere Date
Episode 1 27/01/1973
Episode 2 03/02/1973
Episode 3 10/02/1973
Episode 4 17/02/1973

It is 1926, and the Doctor and Jo arrive on board the SS Bernice, a small cargo ship peacefully crossing the Indian ocean. Millions of miles away from Earth, on the planet Inter Minor, a travelling showman named Vorg and his assistant, Shirna, arrive to entertain the populous. With them is an amazing machine - an intergalactic peepshow called the Scope. As Vorg's show begins, alien worlds and strange creatures are conjured up from the scope for the watching officials of Inter Minor... On board the SS Bernice, the journey is suddenly interrupted by the appearance of a Plesiosaur - a dinosaur that died out over 130 million years ago. The Doctor and Jo soon realise that things are not quite what they seem, but can they convince their fellow passengers of the danger they are in? Or will they all be made to suffer in the name of 'entertainment'...?

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: Jon Pertwee

Jo Grant: Katy Manning

Vorg: Leslie Dwyer

Shirna: Cheryl Hall

Major Daly: Tenniel Evans

John Andrews: Ian Marter

Claire Daly: Jenny McCracken

Pletrac: Peter Halliday

Kalik: Michael Wisher

Orum: Terence Lodge

Producer: Barry Letts

Director: Barry Letts

Scriptwriter: Robert Holmes

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