Season 10 | EP 4

Planet of the Daleks

Written by Terry Nation

"Somewhere on this planet there are ten thousand Daleks!"

Episode Title Premiere Date
Episode 1 07/04/1973
Episode 2 14/04/1973
Episode 3 21/04/1973
Episode 4 28/04/1973
Episode 5 05/05/1973
Episode 6 12/05/1973

Injured after a shoot-out between his old nemesis the Master and the Ogrons, slaves to the evil Daleks, the Doctor sends a message to the Time Lords, asking them to pilot his TARDIS and follow the Daleks to their new base. After he slips into a coma, it falls to his assistant Jo Grant to explore the planet where the TARDIS finally materialises. She meets a party of Thals and is left in hiding aboard their crashed spaceship while they go to the Doctor's aid. On his recovery, the Doctor learns of their mission to destroy a party of Daleks sent here to discover the native Spiridons' secret of invisibility. Not only must the Doctor contend with the Daleks' new scheme, but he must try to stop them unleashing a plague that will exterminate all organic life. When a rescue ship of Thals arrive, they bring with them darker news still - somewhere on Spiridon 12,000 Daleks are waiting to emerge and take what they believe is their rightful place as the Universe's supreme beings!

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: Jon Pertwee

Jo Grant: Katy Manning

Taron: Bernard Horsfall

Vaber: Prentis Hancock

Codal: Tim Preece

Rebec: Jane How

Wester: Roy Skelton

Marat: Hilary Minster

Latep: Alan Tucker

Daleks (voices): Michael Wisher and Roy Skelton

Producer: Barry Letts

Director: David Maloney

Scriptwriter: Terry Nation

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