Season 08 | EP 2

The Mind of Evil

Written by Don Houghton

"UNIT, Sir, was set up to deal with new and unusual menaces to mankind. And in my view, this machine of yours is just that"

Episode Title Premiere Date
Episode 1 30/01/1971
Episode 2 06/02/1971
Episode 3 13/02/1971
Episode 4 20/02/1971
Episode 5 27/02/1971
Episode 6 06/03/1971

Professor Keller has created a machine that can pacify even the most dangerous of criminals. But when the Doctor and Jo arrive at Stangmoor Prison for a demonstration, things start to go horribly wrong – especially when they discover that the Doctor’s old enemy the Master is responsible for the machine. What could he possibly want from the criminals? And what connects him with an impending World Peace Conference?

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: Jon Pertwee

Jo Grant: Katy Manning

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart: Nicholas Courtney

The Master: Roger Delgado

Captain Mike Yates: Richard Franklin

Sergeant Benton: John Levene

Captain Chin Lee: Pik-Sen Lim

Dr. Summers: Michael Sheard

Mailer: William Marlowe

Barnham: Neil McCarthy

Producer: Barry Letts

Director: Timothy Combe

Scriptwriters: Don Houghton

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