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Ten Cute And Cuddly Creatures from Doctor Who

The Doctor’s world is full of weird and wonderful beings. Big, tiny, tentacled, or fluffy – there are a whole host of delightful creatures throughout the Whoniverse.

We’ve selected ten adorable Doctor Who creatures to cuddle up with, or, perhaps…run away from!


Don’t judge an Ood by its tentacles – they actually make fabulous friends! First appearing in 2006’s The Impossible Planet, these gentle creatures are known for their peaceful nature, only harming others when possessed or fighting for their freedom. The Ood have helped out many incarnations of the Doctor, are born with their brains in their hands and rank among the kindest creatures in the universe. What’s more precious than that?

The Tetraps

These bat-like beasts have four eyes and ears, wings around their arms and they sleep upside down! Used by the Rani to help carry out her experiment with a time brain (in 1987’s Time and the Rani), they’re unusual but sweet to look at. OK, so they’re terrifying when they attack, but their fluffiness is undeniable!

The Star Whale

The benevolent Star Whale, the very last of its kind, volunteered to save the people of the UK in 2010’s The Beast Below. The giant purple creature faced torture from those who lived on its back, even though it simply wanted to help. Can you get more adorable than a caring, tentacled space whale?

Alpha Centauri

With six arms, a single giant eye and an adorably high-pitched voice, Alpha's stand out as one of Doctor Who’s cutest aliens. As a member of the Galactic Federation, they’ve helped out the Third and Twelfth Doctors, proving to be a solid friend to our favourite Time Lord!


The Lupari resemble people-sized talking dogs. A Lupar named Karvanista – companion to the Fugitive Doctor – species-bonded with Dan Lewis and helped the Doctor and her team beat the Flux in 2021. With their fluffy faces, brilliant sense of humour and endless loyalty, they really are a man's best friend.

Robot Yeti

Huge, fluffy and delightful to look at, the Robot Yeti were engineered by the Great Intelligence and used as an army to do his bidding (not so cute). First appearing in The Abominable Snowmen (1967), the Yeti haunted the Second Doctor and his pals in the Himalayan mountains and went on to stalk the London Underground during The Web of Fear (1968).


In 2018’s The Tsuranga Conundrum, The Thirteenth Doctor and her ‘fam’ meet a greedy Pting. About the size of a football, its huge eyes and tiny teeth make a Pting look more like a teddy bear than a deadly creature. The Doctor left this sweet little Pting with no room for dessert after filling its belly with a bomb and ejecting it into space (but don’t worry; it harmlessly absorbed all the energy).

The Chumblies

These funny robots appeared in 1965’s Galaxy 4, meeting the First Doctor, Vicki and Steven. Vicki christened them 'Chumblies' owing to their quirky, wobbly nature and dinky appearance. These little guys were used by the Rill to explore planets and as translators for communication with other races. Aren’t they sweet?


The adorable Adipose appeared in 2008’s Partners in Crime, bringing the Doctor and Donna Noble together to solve the mystery of some deadly diet pills sweeping London. Yes, they’re the product of converted human fat and put thousands of people in danger…but who can resist those darling little faces?

The Meep

The Meep, who we’ll meet this month in The Star Beast, holds the latest crown of Doctor Who’s cutest creature. The fluffy fur, huge eyes and sweet voice would make anybody want to give them a cuddle, right?! But we’ll have to tune in on 25th November to find out what happens when the Doctor meets this fuzzy furball…

Watch The Star Beast 6:30pm on the 25th November 2023 on BBC One in the UK and Ireland and BBCiPlayer in the UK, and on Disney Plus in the rest of the world. Find out where to watch here

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