Played by Maureen O'Brien

"Oh, yes, I like The Doctor. It's funny but, as soon as he walked in, I felt that you could trust him. But why does he wear those funny clothes?"

First Regular Appearance Last Regular Appearance
The Rescue The Myth Makers

Moving from 25th century Earth to a new life on the planet Astra, Vicki and her father crash land on Dido. When her father is murdered, she’s left alone. The First Doctor, perhaps still missing Susan, invites her to travel with Ian, Barbara and himself. Naturally inquisitive and adventurous, Vicki found herself stowaway on a Dalek spaceship, helps the Xeron revolution against the Moroks, and escaped the great fire of Rome. In ancient Troy, she was renamed “Cressida” by Trojan King Priam. She fell in love with his son Troilus and left the Doctor to begin a life with him.

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