Season 02 | EP 5

The Web Planet

Written by Bill Strutton

"Well, well, well. That is remarkable. Gracious. During all my travels, I don't think I've ever come across this. Magical. Isn't it extraordinary?"

Episode Title Premiere Date
The Web Planet 13/02/1965
The Zarbi 20/02/1965
Escape To Danger 27/02/1965
Crater Of Needles 06/03/1965
Invasion 13/03/1965
The Centre 20/03/1965

A mysterious force pulls the TARDIS off course, stranding the Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Vicki on the mysterious alien world of Vortis. A fierce battle is raging between the moth-like Menoptra, and giant insects known as Zarbi. But what is the dark secret that hides at the centre of the Zarbi's lair...?

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: William Hartnell

Barbara Wright: Jacqueline Hill

Ian Chesterton: William Russell

Vicki: Maureen O'Brien

Animus Voice: Catherine Fleming

Producer: Verity Lambert

Director: Christopher Barry

Scriptwriter: Bill Strutton


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