Season 02 | EP 8

The Chase

Written by Terry Nation

"We made it. London 1965. We're home!"

Episode Title Premiere Date
The Executioners 22/05/1965
The Death Of Time 29/05/1965
Flight Through Eternity 05/06/1965
Journey Into Terror 12/06/1965
The Death Of Doctor Who 19/06/1965
The Planet Of Decision 26/06/1965

When the Doctor and his companions discover that a group of time-traveling Daleks have orders to exterminate them, a dangerous chase across time and space ensues.

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: William Hartnell

Barbara Wright: Jacqueline Hill

Ian Chesterton: William Russell

Vicki: Maureen O'Brien

Steven Taylor: Peter Purves

Abraham Lincoln: Robert Marsden

Francis Bacon: Roger Hammond

Queen Elizabeth I: Vivienne Bennett

William Shakespeare: Hugh Walters

Producer: Verity Lambert

Director: Richard Martin

Scriptwriter: Terry Nation


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