Played by Craige Els

"I put the whole universe between us. Then you come crashing back in as if nothing had ever happened."

First Regular Appearance Last Regular Appearance
The Halloween Apocalypse The Vanquishers

Lupari officer Karvanista made an unforgettable first impression when he burst through the door of Liverpudlian Dan Lewis’s flat, then captured him and took him aboard his spaceship! Though he had a face just like an adorable labradoodle puppy, Karvanista was not someone to be messed with. A fierce and proud member of his dog-like species, he carried a formidable laser axe and was not afraid to use it. 

As it turned out, Karvanista was not trying to harm Dan at all. He was in fact protecting him from both the Flux and a Sontaran invasion! The Lupari were species-bonded to humans, sworn to save them from extinction – so Karvanista was merely fulfilling his oath by kidnapping Dan. 

Karvanista had also met the Doctor before the events of the Flux, fighting by her side as a member of Division. Though Karvanista could not tell the Doctor about their past, and the Doctor could not remember it herself, they still worked alongside one another to defeat the Ravagers once and for all.

After a terrible attack by the Sontarans, Karvanista was left as the last of the Lupari, but he was able to avenge himself when the Sontarans were obliterated by the Flux. He says goodbye to the Doctor, Yaz and Dan, but is that the last they'll see of him?

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