Dan Lewis

Played by John Bishop

"What's the point of being alive if it's not to make others happy?"

First Regular Appearance Last Regular Appearance
The Halloween Apocalypse The Power of the Doctor

With the events of the Flux over, back on present-day Earth Dan, Yaz and the Doctor then encounter a Dalek Execution Squad and a time loop, only narrowly escaping with their lives.A Liverpudlian, and proud of it, Dan first encounters the Doctor on Halloween night as the first events of the Flux reach Earth. Soon he's battling - and insulting - a human-sized dog, before leaving Earth and travelling to the planet Time, meeting Weeping Angels in Earth's past, and travelling with Yaz for three years in the 1900s before finding the Doctor again.

Dan is kind, generous, and very perceptive when it comes to the feelings of those around him. He embraces his travels as a good friend of the Thirteenth Doctor.


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