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Captain Jack Harkness

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John Barrowman | 2005 – 2010

Time Agent. Torchwood Leader. Poster Boy for the Boeshane Peninsula. Over his (very) long life, Captain Jack Harkness has been many things. First meeting the Doctor and Rose in 1940s London, he helped defeat the reanimated “Empty Child” and the Slitheen, before being exterminated by the Daleks on the Game Station. Revived and made immortal by Rose Tyler after she’d absorbed the power of the Time Vortex, Jack travelled back to 1869, where his vortex manipulator burned out. Forced to live through the twentieth century, he joined Torchwood in Cardiff, knowing the Doctor would return one day to refuel on the rift. Following the TARDIS to the end of universe, Jack faced the Master, and then Davros and his Dalek crucible, as well as battling many evils on Earth with Torchwood.

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