Empty Child

"Are you my mummy?"

First Regular Appearance Last Regular Appearance
The Empty Child The Doctor Dances

Later, the Doctor found himself in a house during an air raid with a young woman called Nancy and some orphaned children where there was a knocking at the door – it was the young boy in the gas mask. Nancy warned the Doctor not to touch him as he was “empty” and if he was to make contact, the Doctor would become empty too.The Ninth Doctor and Rose found themselves amidst the London Blitz in World War II after they tracked down a dangerous cylinder that had sped through the time vortex. There, Rose spotted a young boy wearing a gas mask up on the roof of a nearby building, calling for his mummy.

When the ‘empty child’ cornered Nancy, she called him Jamie and insisted that he died. It turned out the little boy was previously killed and the runaway metal cylinder was from a medical transport ship. Chula nanogenes had leaked from the ship and reanimated the child, healing his head trauma by fusing the gas mask to his flesh.

They also gave immense power to the little boy who had one objective - to find his mother. In the end, Nancy’s DNA told the nanogenes that she was in fact Jamie’s mother and he was returned to normal using her genetic code.

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