Series 01 | EP 11

Boom Town

Written by Russell T Davies

"Always moving on because you dare not look back. Playing with so many people's lives, you might as well be a god"

Episode Title Premiere Date
Boom Town 04/06/2005

The TARDIS crew take a holiday, but the Doctor encounters an enemy he thought long since dead. A plan to build a nuclear power station in Cardiff City disguises an alien plot to rip the world apart. And when the Doctor dines with monsters, he discovers traps within traps.

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: Christopher Eccleston

Rose Tyler: Billie Piper

Jack Harkness: John Barrowman

Margaret: Annette Badland

Cathy: Mali Harries

Cathy: Mali Harries

Idris Hopper: Aled Pedrick

Slitheen: Alan Ruscoe

Writer: Russell T Davies

Producer: Phil Collinson

Director: Joe Ahearne

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