Series 01 | EP 8

Father's Day

Written by Paul Cornell

"It's cold. The key's cold. Oh, my God, he's dead. This is all my fault"

Episode Title Premiere Date
Father's Day 14/05/2005

Rose requests to travel back to 1987, and witness the day her father died. But when she interferes in the course of events, the monstrous Reapers are unleashed upon the world, and a wedding day turns into a massacre. Even the Doctor is powerless, as the human race is devoured.

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: Christopher Eccleston

Rose Tyler: Billie Piper

Jackie Tyler: Camille Coduri

Pete Tyler: Shaun Dingwall

Stuart: Christopher Llewellyn

Sonny: Frank Rozelaar-Green

Sarah: Natalie Jones

Bev: Eirlys Bellin

Suzie: Rhian James

Young Rose: Julia Joyce

Young Mickey: Casey Dyer

Writer: Paul Cornell

Producer: Joe Ahearne

Director: James Hawes

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