Jackie Tyler

Played by Camille Coduri

"If we end up on Mars, I'm going to kill you."

First Regular Appearance Last Regular Appearance
Rose Doomsday

Widowed at a young age, Jackie is Rose Tyler’s fiercely-protective, single mother. Her relationship with the Doctor is nothing if not varied.

When she first met the Ninth Doctor in her flat on the Powell Estate, she flirted with him (unsuccessfully). However, on the next occasion, a frantic Jackie slapped the Doctor hard across the face; instead of the few hours away that was planned, the Doctor’s TARDIS trip had turned into a worrying year-long disappearance of Rose on Earth.

Never entirely happy with the dangers of Rose travelling with the Doctor, her abiding concern was that the Time Lord kept her daughter safe.

After meeting an alternate Earth version of her dead husband, Pete, she began a new life on a parallel world with him, until the Tenth Doctor and his companions assembled to battle Davros and his plan to collapse reality, and Jackie returned with Mickey to her original planet to support Rose.

After successfully helping battle Daleks and defeat Davros, Jackie returned to her parallel Earth and her new son, Tony.

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