Specials 2005 | EP 1

The Christmas Invasion

Written by Russell T Davies

"Did you miss me?"

Episode Title Premiere Date
The Christmas Invasion 25/12/2005

The newly regenerated 10th Doctor falls to Earth on Christmas Eve bringing the Doctor home to Rose's family. But while his regenerated body lies comatose, Santa-shaped assassins and deadly Christmas trees herald the approach of a terrible danger from the stars. The Sycorax are coming, and without the Doctor, the human race is helpless.

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: David Tennant

Rose Tyler: Billie Piper

Mickey: Noel Clarke

Jackie: Camille Coduri

Harriet Jones: Penelope Wilton

Danny Llewellyn: Daniel Evans

Alex: Adam Garcia

Sycorax Leader: Sean Gilder

Major Blake: Chu Omambala

Sally: Anita Briem

Policeman: Seán Carlsen

Writer: Russell T Davies

Producer: Phil Collinson

Director: James Hawes

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