Doctors Nine to Thirteen come together in an exclusive set, plus more…

Here’s your first look at the The Doctors: Ninth to Thirteenth set, plus brand new figurines to add your collection from Hero Collector.

You can get all of these figures, and much more from Hero Collector’s Doctor Who shop here.




The Doctor’s are a-coming!




Gathered together at last, this TARDIS inspired box set includes a 100mm, hand-painted figure of Christopher Eccleston’s fiery Ninth Doctor, David Tennant’s charismatic and tempestuous Tenth Doctor, Matt Smith’s fun-loving Eleventh Doctor, Peter Capaldi’s fiercely intelligent Twelfth Doctor, and Jodie Whittaker’s compassionate and curious Thirteenth Doctor!

Would you like a jelly baby?




This 13.5” tall, hand-painted statuette captures the iconic likeness of the Fourth Doctor, as portrayed by Tom Baker.

The Fourth Doctor was an energetic eccentric – a bohemian wanderer with no respect for authority, whose clownish antics veiled a powerful, brooding intellect. His fantastic adventures included many and much-loved companions such as Sarah Jane Smith, K9, Romana I and II, and Leela.





The Sixth Doctor was caustic, melodramatic and downright stubborn, a significant change from Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor. His arrogance however concealed a core of empathy and passion, that saw him through countless challenges. His very first companion was Peri Brown, portrayed by Nicola Bryant.





Yaz, Ryan and Graham discovered a disturbing plan to clone and weaponize salvaged Daleks into ‘Defence Drones’ in 2020’s Special, Revolution of the Daleks.

Faced with iron-fisted Prime Minister Jo Patterson and greedy US businessman Jack Robertston, their warnings fell on deaf ears. Fortunately, the Doctor was able to return in time to foil the cloned Dalek army – but in the end, the only thing that could defeat these new Daleks… was some even worse Daleks…

Delete! Delete!




The Doctor's past lives were reunited in The Five Doctors (1983) when a mysterious force drew five incarnations of the Time Lord together to the Death Zone on Gallifrey – along with some of their deadliest foes!

A squadron of Cybermen were among those brought to face the Doctor in the Game of Rassilon – ultimately, they proved no match for the more powerful combatants, including the Raston Warrior Robot...

You can get all of these figures, and much more from Hero Collector’s Doctor Who shop here.

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