Romana II

Played by Lalla Ward

"You were the noblest Romana of them all"

First Regular Appearance Last Regular Appearance
Destiny of the Daleks Warrior's Gate

Romana’s next incarnation was very different - still clever, but more comfortable with the Doctor, tolerating his eccentricities and even going as far as to dress like him. Settling in the form of Princess Astra of Atrios during her regeneration, she faced Daleks, Scaroth the Jagaroth and Skagra alongside the Doctor. She was deeply saddened when the Time Lords asked for her to return home, after experiencing as much as she had. When the Doctor tried to obey, the TARDIS fell through a CVE into a pocket universe called “E-Space”. Continuing her travels in this new universe, Romana was bitten by a Marshspider and prepared for sacrifice by three ancient vampires. Having become empathetic to the enslaved race of time-sensitives called Tharils, Romana and K-9 opted to remain in E-Space.

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