Season 15 | EP 5


Written by Bob Baker and Dave Martin

"Perhaps those myths are not just old stories of the past, you see, but prophecies of the future. Who knows?"

Episode Title Premiere Date
Episode 1 07/01/1978
Episode 2 14/01/1978
Episode 3 21/01/1978
Episode 4 28/01/1978

The TARDIS lands in a Minyan spaceship. The crew is on a quest to find the Minyan race banks, which are stored in a missing ship known as the P7E. The quest leads to an underground labyrinth of caves at the centre of a newly-formed planet. But the P7E's computer has ideas of its own, and doesn't look kindly upon its new visitors.

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: Tom Baker

Leela: Louise Jameson

K9 (voice): John Leeson

Jackson: James Maxwell

Herrick: Alan Lake

Orfe: Jonathan Newth

Tala: Imogen Bickford-Smith

Rask: James Marcus

Idas: Norman Tipton

Voice of the Oracle: Christine Pollon

Producer: Graham Williams

Director: Norman Stewart

Scriptwriters: Bob Baker and Dave Martin

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