Season 15 | EP 3

Image of the Fendahl

Written by Chris Boucher

"The Fendahl is death. How do you kill death?"

Episode Title Premiere Date
Episode 1 29/10/1977
Episode 2 05/11/1977
Episode 3 12/11/1977
Episode 4 19/11/1977

A sonic time scan draws the TARDIS to the Fetch Priory on Earth. There, the Doctor and Leela discover an impossibly old human skull that is the key to a nightmare from the Time Lords' past. A murderous monster stalks the priory grounds; and within, someone is intent on unleashing a malevolent creature that feeds on death itself.

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: Tom Baker

Leela: Louise Jameson

Adam Colby: Edward Arthur

Thea Ransome: Wanda Ventham

Dr. Fendelman: Denis Lill

Maximillian Stael: Scott Fredericks

Jack Tyler: Geoffrey Hinsliff

Martha Tyler: Daphne Heard

Producer: Graham Williams

Director: George Spenton-Foster

Scriptwriters: Chris Boucher

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