Season 15 | EP 1

Horror of Fang Rock

Written by Terrance Dicks

"Gentlemen, I've got news for you. This lighthouse is under attack, and by morning we might all be dead. Anyone interested?"

Episode Title Premiere Date
Episode 1 03/09/1977
Episode 2 10/09/1977
Episode 3 17/09/1977
Episode 4 24/09/1977

A mysterious light in the sky, an unnatural glow in the ocean and a thick fog bring terror to the lighthouse keepers of Fang Rock. Trapped by an enemy who is growing more powerful with every kill, the Doctor and Leela can trust no one.

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: Tom Baker

Leela: Louise Jameson

Reuben: Colin Douglas

Vince: John Abbott

Ben: Ralph Watson

Lord Palmerdale: Sean Caffrey

James Skinsale: Alan Rowe

Adelaide Lessage: Annette Woollett

Harker: Rio Fanning

Producer: Graham Williams

Director: Paddy Russell

Scriptwriter: Terrance Dicks

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