Season 05 | EP 7

The Wheel in Space

Written by David Whitaker (from a story by Kit Pedler)

"Their entire bodies are mechanical and their brains have been treated neuro-surgically to remove all human emotions, all sense of pain. They're ruthless, inhuman killers!"

Episode Title Premiere Date
Episode 1 27/04/1968
Episode 2 04/05/1968
Episode 3 11/05/1968
Episode 4 18/05/1968
Episode 5 25/05/1968
Episode 6 01/06/1968

Taking drastic measures to escape a TARDIS malfunction, the Doctor and Jamie arrive on a rocket, apparently deserted in space, and soon encounter its aggressive robot guard. When a blow to the head then renders the Doctor unconscious, Jamie's only hope of rescue lies in contacting the Wheel space station, which is orbiting nearby. In fact, the rocket has other occupants, who are sending out mysterious egg-like spheres to penetrate the Wheel's outer surface. What dangerous cargo do the spheres bring to the human crew of the Wheel, and what is the intention of those who are sending them? It's not long before the Doctor and Jamie realise that their old adversaries, the Cybermen, are seeking to invade first the Wheel and then Earth itself. One by one the space station's crew are being taken over, whilst deadly rodent-like Cybermats roam the space station and steadily consume its fuel supply. On top of everything, a meteorite storm is approaching — but the Wheel's defence system has been disabled...

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: Patrick Troughton

Jamie McCrimmon: Frazer Hines

Zoe Heriot: Wendy Padbury

Jarvis Bennett: Michael Turner

Dr. Gemma Corwyn: Anne Ridler

Tanya Lernov: Clare Jenkins

Cybermen (voices): Peter Hawkins, Roy Skelton

Producer: Peter Bryant

Director: Tristan de Vere Cole

Scriptwriters: David Whitaker (from a story by Kit Pedler)

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