Season 05 | EP 1

The Tomb of the Cybermen

Written by Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis

"Our lives are different to anybody else's. That's the exciting thing! There's nobody in the universe can do what we're doing."

Episode Title Premiere Date
Episode 1 02/09/1967
Episode 2 09/09/1967
Episode 3 16/09/1967
Episode 4 23/09/1967

The once-feared Cybermen have disappeared from the universe without trace. An expedition from Earth arrives on Telos — homeworld of the Cybermen — to try and discover exactly what has become of the silver giants. Soon after the Doctor, Jamie and Victoria join the archaeological party, the first mysterious death occurs. With the group now stranded on Telos, it becomes clear that the Cybermen may not be as 'dead' as it was first thought... Beneath the planet's surface, giant ice-tombs hold the last remains of the Cybermen in a frozen sleep. And someone is working to re-activate them from their slumber...

The Doctor: Patrick Troughton

Jamie McCrimmon: Frazer Hines

Victoria Waterfield: Deborah Watling

Toberman: Roy Stewart

Professor Parry: Aubrey Richards

John Viner: Cyril Shaps

Kaftan: Shirley Cooklin

Producer: Peter Bryant

Director: Morris Barry

Writers: Kit Pedler Gerry Davis


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