Season 05 | EP 4

The Enemy of the World

Written by David Whitaker

"Sad really, isn't it? People spend all their time making nice things, and other people come along and break them"

Episode Title Premiere Date
Episode 1 23/12/1967
Episode 2 30/12/1967
Episode 3 06/01/1968
Episode 4 13/01/1968
Episode 5 20/01/1968
Episode 6 27/01/1968

The TARDIS lands on an Australian beach in the 21st Century. But this is no seaside holiday - within minutes, the Doctor, Jamie and Victoria are under attack. They soon discover that the Doctor bears a startling resemblance to Leader Salamander, a would-be dictator intent on world domination. Before long, the Doctor and his companions are plunged into a dangerous game of espionage, intrigue and deceit as they face off against the enemy of the world...

Cast & Crew

The Doctor / Salamander: Patrick Troughton

Jamie McCrimmon: Frazer Hines

Victoria Waterfield: Deborah Watling

Giles Kent: Bill Kerr

Astrid: Mary Peach

Denes: George Pravda

Donald Bruce: Colin Douglas

Fedorin: David Nettheim

Benik: Milton Johns

Producer: Innes Lloyd

Director: Barry Letts

Scriptwriter: David Whitaker

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