Season 03 | EP 9

The Savages

Written by Ian Stuart Black

"We've now reached the distant horizon of an age, an age of peace and prosperity."

Episode Title Premiere Date
Episode 1 28/05/1966
Episode 2 04/06/1966
Episode 3 11/06/1966
Episode 4 18/06/1966

When the TARDIS materialises on an alien planet, the Doctor insists that he and his companions have arrived in the far future. Steven and Dodo think otherwise, however, after they encounter a band of cave-dwelling primitives who are terrified of strangers. The travellers soon discover that the planet's population is divided, and that the professed idyll of the Elders — who inhabit a technologically advanced city — seems oddly dependent upon the unsophisticated Savages. Whilst the Elders' leader, Jano, welcomes the Doctor into their society, Dodo stumbles upon a dark secret at the heart of the community. The truth behind the Elders' great knowledge is eventually revealed, and the Doctor sees it as his duty to end a terrible case of exploitation. Yet Jano has plans of his own for the Doctor... With the Doctor's faithful companion Steven discovering that events on this planet will irrevocably shape his destiny, The Savages marks the final appearance in the programme of Peter Purves, who also provides the linking narration for this release.


Cast & Crew

The Doctor: William Hartnell

Steven Taylor: Peter Purves

Dodo Chaplet: Jackie Lane

Chal: Ewen Solon

Tor: Patrick Godfrey

Captain Edal: Peter Thomas

Exorse: Geoffrey Frederick

Producer: Innes Lloyd

Director: Christopher Barry

Scriptwriter: Ian Stuart Black


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