Season 03 | EP 8

The Gunfighters

Written by Donald Cotton

"So fill up your glasses, And join in the song. The law's right behind you, And it won't take long. So come, you coyotes And howl at the moon, Till there's blood upon the sawdust, In the last Chance Saloon!"

Episode Title Premiere Date
A Holiday For The Doctor 30/04/1966
Don't Shoot The Pianist 07/05/1966
Johnny Ringo 14/05/1966
The OK Corral 21/05/1966

Tombstone, Arizona, 1881. The air is filled with the sounds of shooting, cussing, and toe-tapping tunes knocked out on the battered piano at the Last Chance Saloon. And then there is something less familiar: the wheezing, groaning sound of a Police Box materializing. The Doctor and his companions aren't the only newcomers in town. The Clanton brothers have ridden in to settle a grudge with Doc Holliday, the notorious gambler, drinker, and dentist. In the Wild West, tempers are short, guns are swift, and a moment's hesitation on the draw can mean death...

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: William Hartnell

Steven Taylor: Peter Purves

Dodo Chaplet: Jackie Lane

Ike Clanton: William Hurndell

Phineas Clanton: Maurice Good

Kate Fisher: Sheena Marshe

Billy Clanton: David Cole

Seth Harper: Shane Rimmer

Charlie: David Graham

Wyatt Earp: John Alderson

Doc Holliday: Anthony Jacobs

Producer: Innes Lloyd

Director: Rex Tucker

Scriptwriter: Donald Cotton


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