Season 03 | EP 7

The Celestial Toymaker

Written by Brian Hayles

"Make your last move, Doctor. Make your last move."

Episode Title Premiere Date
The Celestial Toyroom 02/04/1966
The Hall Of Dolls 09/04/1966
The Dancing Floor 16/04/1966
The Final Test 23/04/1966

In the domain of the Toymaker nothing is quite as it seems — as becomes apparent when the TARDIS materialises. The Doctor seems well-acquainted with the mysterious mandarin's penchant for deadly distractions, but now with companions Steven and Dodo in tow, the stakes are even higher. Failure to triumph in a series of games will result in them being trapped for eternity in a strange realm where innocuous-seeming nursery characters reveal lethal intent. Steven and Dodo's desperation to regain the TARDIS increases with every round of blind man's buff and musical chairs that they play. In each game they face dangerous opponents and deadly allies — the clowns Joey and Clara, the King and Queen of Hearts, a mischievous schoolboy and a legion of silent, walking dolls... The Doctor, rendered invisible and challenged to complete the fiendishly difficult Trilogic Game, can only watch his friends' plight from afar. Who will be the first to make a false move in this battle of wits, and will the TARDIS ever escape the Toymaker's snare?

Cast & Crew

The Doctor: William Hartnell

Steven Taylor: Peter Purves

Dodo Chaplet: Jackie Lane

Toymaker: Michael Gough

Producer: Innes Lloyd

Director: Bill Sellars

Scriptwriter: Brian Hayles


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