Why is the Fifteenth Doctor's wardrobe so varied?

Costume designer Pam Downe discusses the challenges of dressing the new Doctor in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine...

When it comes to clothes, the Doctor normally has a few variations on a classic silhouette. But the Fifteenth Doctor's wardrobe is becoming bigger and better than ever! Ahead of Ncuti Gatwa's first full series, Doctor Who Magazine spoke to costume designer Pam Downe about the creation of a more fashion-forward Time Lord...

The latest edition of Doctor Who Magazine (DWM) is on sale from Thursday 29th February. It is available to order as a subscription, either physical or digital, here.

Read an exclusive excerpt from issue 601 below.

Fifteenth Doctor

Costume designer Pam Downe on dressing the Fifteenth Doctor…
Designing the costume for any of the Doctors is a huge responsibility but Pam Downe has that on a much grander scale because this Doctor doesn’t just stick with one outfit.

“It’s a blessing and a curse at the same time,” says Pam. “It’s a blessing because I’d get bored otherwise. No, actually that’s not true. These scripts are so ambitious there’s no way I could get bored. But this does increase the load. But it’s also a joy because Ncuti just wears clothes so well. He’s a dream to dress.

“Russell T Davies made it clear that he wants the Doctor to change, now and again… well, quite often really. The great thing about Ncuti is, he really gets it. When you put something on him that he likes, he really wears it. You can put that same outfit on somebody else and it will wear them. Put it on him and he owns it. That makes a massive difference to a costume designer.”

Find out more in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine. 

DWM 601

Inside this issue of the magazine:

  • Costume designer Pam Downe discusses dressing our stylish new Doctor, as well as how she created looks for the Toymaker and the Goblin army.
  • Script to screen: An in-depth look at how the Goblin army developed, from the original concept to the finished product – blending masks and animatronics with digital effects.
  • We pay tribute to Michael Jayston who played the Doctor’s evil alter-ego the Valeyard.
  • Louise Jameson is among the interviewees in a special preview of the Season 15 Blu-ray collection.
  • Abdoul Ceesay – director’s assistant on Doctor Who – talks to DWM about his role and future aspirations!
  • Get cooking! A deep dive into the part food has played in the series over the years, with some recipes you can try at home!
  • We look at how other TV shows have found their way into episodes of Doctor Who.
  • Letter from the Showrunner – Russell T Davies sings in praise of companions of yesteryear as he recalls a week making Tales of the TARDIS!
  • Time-Space Visualiser – learn how fandom went mad for the Sixth Doctor! Rightly so! 
  • The Fact of Fiction – we examine the closing episodes of 1973’s Planet of the Daleks.
  • The adventures of the Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby Sunday continue in the comic strip!
  • Gallifrey Guardian – new cast and directors revealed and an update on the Christmas ratings.
  • Reviews – covering books, audio dramas and the Fugitive Doctor action figure!
  • Other Worlds – the essential guide to new stories in Doctor Who’s expanded universe.
  • Win Season 17 on Blu-ray, plus books and CDs!

The latest edition of Doctor Who Magazine (DWM) is on sale from Thursday 29th February. It is available to order as a subscription, either physical or digital, here.

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